A Well-Oiled Machine Frat House: Paly’s Social Studies Department Off the Grid Their Heart and Home: Closure of shelter hurts local women

A Well-Oiled Machine

Every year, the robotics team of Palo Alto High School spends the first six weeks of second semester designing and building a robot. Staff writer Kelly Shi chronicles their journey in this issue’s cover package.

Frat House: Paly’s Social Studies Department

The downstairs portion of Palo Alto High School’s 800s building — the social studies department — is rare, due to its wide range of characters such as teachers Benjamin Bolanos, Melinda Mattes and Steven Foug. Identified by their quirky personalities, sense of humor and overwhelming camaraderie, the members of this department foster an environment entirely different from what most would expect for a group of high school teachers.

Off the Grid

For two months, staff writer Jasper McEvoy went into a state of social media blackout, deleting all social media apps — Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter — from his new iPhone 6, which had weaseled its way into his hands during every waking hour.

Their Heart and Home: Closure of shelter hurts local women

Christine had been a stay-at-home mom of three in Cupertino until she divorced her adulterous husband and was subsequently kicked out of their house. Around the same time as her eviction, she was cut off from the child support she had been living off of because her youngest son turned 17½. Having lost everything, Christine became a statistic: one of the countless homeless people living in the Bay Area, and a living argument for the need for shelters.

Ring of Dishonor: Exposing Paly’s Culture of Cheating

A group of at least 20 Palo Alto High school Students has been cheating since sophomore year in courses including, but not limited to, Advanced Placement U.S. History, AB Calculus, Chemistry, Economics and Psychology, according to multiple sources. Now, as seniors, they are being accepted into first­-rate colleges. While the Paly community and administration are […]

In for the Long Drive: Paly Staff who Commute from Far Away

“Can you drive me to school? I don’t feel like biking two miles today.” This is an often-said complaint by many Palo Alto High School students who dread their commutes to school. While biking, walking or driving for a couple minutes may seem like a long time to some students, many Paly staff members face commutes over an hour long. Keeping this in mind, next time you groan at the thought of your arduous journey, think about the following Paly staff members who travel from far away to get to their jobs.

Benedek’s Travels

Benedek Tallai may teach in a different classroom each day, but he starts every class the same way. As he runs through a standardized Powerpoint presentation containing his expectations for students, his thick unmistakably Hungarian accent triumphs over his straightforward consequence system: a set of yellow and red cards. Despite the fact that students often see […]

To Kill A Love of Reading: English reading lists need more diversity

Examining and analyzing different voices, genres and viewpoints is essential to our growth and development as citizens in our pluralistic society. Though the current English curriculum does not allow for this, English teachers can help solve the problem by allowing students some freedom in choosing their novels and by making the English reading curriculum more diverse.