Guardians of the Rail Coin Wash: One 2 a.m. Foray into Three Lives A Well-Oiled Machine Frat House: Paly’s Social Studies Department

Guardians of the Rail

Some people working minimum wage jobs flip burgers, others sweep floors, but security guard Mike Haight has found himself carrying a heavy burden, responsible for keeping the train tracks safe in a time when they seem most threatening to the Palo Alto community.

Coin Wash: One 2 a.m. Foray into Three Lives

What unites a confident, boisterous woman who was once in jail, a man who works more than 14 hours a day at Papa John’s and a homeless spoken word poet is how their past experiences, present actions and future dreams converge into their own unique stories.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Every year, the robotics team of Palo Alto High School spends the first six weeks of second semester designing and building a robot. Staff writer Kelly Shi chronicles their journey in this issue’s cover package.

Frat House: Paly’s Social Studies Department

The downstairs portion of Palo Alto High School’s 800s building — the social studies department — is rare, due to its wide range of characters such as teachers Benjamin Bolanos, Melinda Mattes and Steven Foug. Identified by their quirky personalities, sense of humor and overwhelming camaraderie, the members of this department foster an environment entirely different from what most would expect for a group of high school teachers.

Servane the Boundless

“I wish I hadn’t had to decide that early what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was 17.”

Every Body is a Bikini Body: Being “healthy” is not a pre-requisite for self-love

I’m fat, I’m pissed and I have a really cool bikini. Regardless of what the scale says, regardless of the doctors and regardless of the thinspiration blogs, you don’t have to be in perfect “shape” all the time. Being in shape is not a prerequisite for not hating yourself. If you love your body and wear what makes you happy, then you’re healthy. Because hating yourself? That’s definitely not healthy. If you also want to lose weight, that’s OK too.

Words for the Wise

  Upon stepping into room 110, the sharp, commanding cadence of Jacob Adams’ voice is immediately noticeable. With the poise of a preacher and words that hang heavy with meaning, Adams spits his sermon to a lone judge, accompanied only by dim lights, stacks of chairs and his opponent. “The affirmative side is not going for […]

The Berry that has Everyone Talking

Acai bowls (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) have been all the rage recently, and rightly so — they’re delicious, healthy and beautiful. They’re essentially thick smoothies topped with granola and fruit, with one key ingredient: acai berries. These berries, dubbed a superfood and grown in South America, have made their way into health food stores around the world. […]