FBI Investigates: Palo Alto

Among file numbers, government officials’ signatures and barcodes in a hundred-page document is the word “confidential,” redacted in what se...



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The Glass Half Empty

It's sometime after 11 P.M I haven’t managed to complete a single homework assignment, and I’ve spent much more time than I’d like to admit ...


Senior Section

As seniors prepare to hurl their decorated caps into the air, we say goodbye to our colorful beach balls, mandatory Flex time and childhood ...



Free Netflix Trial

Netflix is a beloved way to waste time. Here are some recommendations we’ve collected from fellow Paly students on how to  maximize a free m...
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Summer Set List

Summer car rides don't require much besides rolled down windows, crazy friends, and a playlist of 80s music on full blast. Here are a few so...


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Mexico: Exploring Zihuatanejo

I have never been enthralled by all-inclusive resorts. I feel that although they are economically beneficial for those who work there, they dilute the local culture by creating an artificial atmosphere. When I stayed at a Club Med resort in Ixtapa, Mexico over Thanksgiving break, I explored outside the large brick walls of the resort in the local town of Zihuatanejo.After several days of experiencing all that the resort had to offer, namely never-ending buffets and a small beach and pool, I trav