Restorative Justice path Mental Health Hands up don’t shoot Rolling though life

Restorative Justice path

Palo Alto High School’s new academic honesty policy promotes post-cheating student growth, according to teachers Bloom and Mattes.

Mental Health

“I would try and get myself sick. I looked up online what the lethal dose of bleach is. I thought about drinking just enough bleach so that I would throw up and I wouldn’t have to go to school to take my math test, but I wouldn’t die.”

Hands up don’t shoot

Verde investigates the issue behind racial profiling by police.

Rolling though life

Kariel Young rises above a tragic accident and uses her paralysis as a platform to raise awareness for spinal cord injury.

21st May 2014
regina george

Girl Hate: What It Is and How to Stop It

Many women have felt personally victimized by real-world Regina George: the instigators of a phenomenon called Girl Hate.

21st May 2014
After 45 years of business in Palo Alto, University Art is relocating to Redwood City due to expensive rent.

The Business About Small Business: The Life of the Palo Alto Small Business Owner

With the growth and expansion of Silicon Valley technology industries, small businesses are having difficulty finding space and funding. Verde takes a look at rising competition and city government protection of Palo Alto's small business community.

21st May 2014
Pulled Pork

Wordplay escalates to competition in local Facebook group

It's a doge-eat-doge world in Facebook group The Punstoppables.

21st May 2014

Dan the sample man: the story behind the Trader Joe’s apron

Dan the Sample Man has worked for more than four years at the Trader Joe's at Town and Country, handing out samples. We talked with him to learn more about the man behind the apron.