Letter from Buena Vista Allergies Gone Nuts: When your school snacks become lethal We Love Diya: On the road to success with Best Buddies

Letter from Buena Vista

Citlali, a six-year-old girl from Buena Vista Mobile Home Park scooters home to the trailer where she lives. Like all of the park residents, Citlali’s future remains uncertain. The city council of Palo Alto will play a crucial role in determining the fate of Citlali and the park in the months to come. At the moment, it appears that the residents will lose their homes without having viable plan in place for their housing relocation. Verde investigates the legal battle and moral dilemma surrounding the local mobile home park’s undecided future.

Allergies Gone Nuts: When your school snacks become lethal

A new district-wide protocol seeks to promote the safety of students with anaphylaxis caused by food allergies.

We Love Diya: On the road to success with Best Buddies

We explore Diya Rao’s (left) journey to overcome Autism Spectrum Disorder and the individuals and communities that helped her through the challenges.

When Ruff Times Call: A Day in South Peninsula Emergency Vet Clinic

Yoshi the Siamese cat sits calmly within his carrier, blinking his large brown eyes. This is the first time he’s seen his owner in several days, and Yoshi looks up at him with curiosity as if unused to the sight. Black mesh blocks a clear view of his “dad,” so he pokes his head through […]

Creighton’s World: If You Have A Fire In Your Heart, He’ll Make It An Inferno

THERE IS A PLACE at Palo Alto High School where most students will never once venture in their four years — a place most may not even know exists. Behind the upholstery room, with its torn couches and hanging sheets and drapes, lies the domain of Braumon Creighton, the new head wrestling coach. For all […]

Catching the train to success: coding classes for low income students

Only five percent of all high schools offer Advanced Placement Computer Science and, in 2010, only 14,517 students took the AP exam as opposed to the 194,784 students who took the AP BC Calculus exam. This lack of computer programming classes at schools disproportionately affects those with lower incomes who are unable to afford private programming classes and therefore have no opportunities to learn how to program computers while in high school.

Serial: The podcast that captured the attention of millions

In 1999, a high school senior named Adnan Syed was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. While many of his family and friends never believed that he committed the crime, the jury pronounced him guilty, and Syed spent the next 15 years of his life behind bars. In late 2014, Syed became the subject of international attention through the podcast “Serial.” Hosted by investigative journalist and “This American Life” producer Sarah Koenig, “Serial” examines every aspect of Syed’s case in an attempt to finally prove his innocence — or confirm his guilt.