• Cleared for Takeoff

      Paige Hansen places the¬†muffs of her headphones over her ears and adjusts the microphone. To her left, orange clouds and billows of dust engulf the tinted windows as the propeller whirs in front of her. The pilot and co-pilot yell directions at one another over the anticipation of the rumbling engine. As the wheels…

  • Lost and Found

    The sun beats down on two long rows of tents, reflecting off of brass belt buckles and handmade jewelry. Colorful tapestries at one stall flutter lazily in the light breeze, while small spherical terrariums sway back and forth on strings at another booth farther down the line. Customers bargain with vendors, and children excitedly sift through merchandise laid out on the cement.

    The flea market flourishes
  • Four Parts English, One Part Innovation

      With a cup of corn syrup and potassium nitrate powder, sophomore James Wang produced fuel for his rocket. Made only of plastic pipes and a UPS shipping tube, the rocket will launch 5,000 feet into the air. In addition to gaining the sheer pleasure of launching a rocket, Wang is getting credit for this…


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