human trafficking


He knew how old she was –– 12 –– but because he had already paid the pimp, he forced her to have sex anyway. The fact that Carissa Phelps wa...


final final najar crop

Singing His Praises

Michael Najar’s forehead crinkles in concentration as he plays a melody on the grand piano. Najar, a choir teacher and instructional supervi...



Second Semester Slump

I blew it. I failed to have a semester that rivals Ferris Bueller’s. There are some parts of second semester that no one tells you abo...
Art by Vivian Ngyuen

The eye roll is one of many signs that someone is being sarcastic.

This is not about Sarcasm

People who don’t like sarcasm have such funny, creative and confident personalities and always spice up conversations by injecting a little ...