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Bridget Li
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Managing Editors
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Riya Matta
Riya Sinha

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Maraleis Sinton

Gila Winefield

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Angela Liu

Staff Writer

Angela is the Business Manager for Verde Magazine. Angela is passionate about Asian and minority rights and representation. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea, art, and shopping.

Asia Gardias

Editor in Chief (Digital)

Asia Gardias (Class of '19) is the Digital Editor in Chief for Verde. She likes discovering new places and meeting intriguing people. Outside of Verde she participates in PALY's debate team, MUN and Girl Scouts.

Ashley Hitchings

News Editor

Ashley Hitchings (Class of '19) is a news editor of Verde Magazine and an aspiring muckraker, ardent debater and amateur pun-maker. She's grateful for the autonomy journalism grants her to explore untold stories, and in doing so, mold the world she would like to see. Outside of Verde, you can find her wrangling life's tough questions and making print-y awesome puns.

Kaitlyn Khoe

Kaitlyn Khoe (Class of 2019) aims to share the stories of momentous events and unusual, intriguing people. While on the search for news, she assumes the identity of a film fiend and art amateur.

Allison Cheng

Managing Editor

Allison Cheng (Class of 2019) is a managing editor for Verde Magazine. She is excited to be a part of a student-run publication that explores local issues and connects to the community through storytelling. Outside of Verde, she enjoys playing music, doing crossword puzzles and volunteering with local organizations.

Olivia Brown

Staff Writer

Olivia Brown (Class of 2019) joined Verde January 2017, and is business manager of Verde. Along with participating in Verde, Olivia plays soccer for Palo Alto Soccer Club.

Riya Matta

Digital Archivist

Riya Matta (Class of 2019) is the Features Editor for Verde Magazine. She enjoys writing a variety of stories and rowing in her free time.

Riya Sinha

Co-Features Editor

Riya Sinha (Class of '19) is a staff writer and Features Editor for Verde. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling the world. She is passionate about women's rights and society. Through journalism, Riya enjoys telling extraordinary narratives in order to drive change and fight injustice. She is the co-founder of Fuzia (, a website for women to empower themselves through creativity.