Prior Review

A. Sources: Verde prides itself on following the above code of ethics to deliver fair and accurate reporting. Therefore, sources may ask to have their quotes read back to them before publication. Verde reserves the right to publish all on-the-record quotes so long as they are accurate. Once a story is published, our general policy is to not change or remove any content — including, but not limited to, quotes, names and information — due to requests from outside sources. However, we may evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis and attempt to correct any errors found to be false, libelous or dangerous. Requests for corrections can be submitted through our ‘corrections’ form. If a story is altered, readers will be explicitly notified of the edits made. Sources may request information to be taken “off the record” if the request is made prior to the interview, and such content will not be used in writing. However, sensitive or controversial interview content may be removed after the fact if the source has expressed a compelling and reasonable justification.

B. Students and Administration: No school official, administration member or student apart from the editorial board and the adviser may review content prior to publication. However, the adviser may, on a case-by-case basis, alert school officials of the general nature of the content if it is clearly expected to impact the daily function of school.