Responsibility for content

As per California Ed Code 48907, the student staff of the magazine is entirely responsible for its content; therefore, the content may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Palo Alto High School or Palo Alto Unified School District faculty, administrators, or the Board of Education. Because school officials are not responsible for the content of the publication, Verde will not be reviewed, restrained or withheld by school officials prior to distribution. Because the staff will control the content of the publication, it will therefore also take financial and legal responsibility for what is published in its print and online form. Consistent with Ed Code 48907, the Verde editors-in-chief are not obliged to print or post an individual staff member’s or community member’s submissions. The editors-in-chief — working in consultation with the whole staff and the adviser — will determine the content of the all unsigned editorials and the letter from the editors. Signed columns or reviews represent only the opinions of individual authors.