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From the editors: Peering into the past

From the editors: Peering into the past

From the moment we take our first steps, we’re taught to move forward. However, amidst the constant worry about what the future may hold, making an effort to look behind us is equally important, as it reminds us of how far we have come. 

Pausing to take a quick glance back in time can bring us surprisingly peaceful and ordinary moments, such as watching farm animals roam the idyllic pastures of Hidden Villa. Visiting this farm in Los Altos Hills is a nostalgic childhood memory for many PAUSD students. Almost 100 years earlier, animals and children explored these same Hidden Villa fields during summer camps meant to promote inclusivity and diversity — efforts that continue in a much different world today. 

This year’s first Verde edition highlights both the past and the future of institutions like Hidden Villa, including long-standing places, people, and landmarks. 

In “Hidden history,” Art and Design Director Jeslyn Chen and staff writer Maya Rajbhandari examine how Hidden Villa has stayed true to its original mission while expanding its impact on the local community.

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Historical landmarks lie closer to home as well. When searching for an example of reinvention, look no further than Palo Alto High School’s 105-year-old Tower Building. In the photo essay, “Construction continues,”Fr staff writer Chloe Huang details the structure’s massive renovations, which will be completed in December. 

For some local businesses, survival can be a struggle, even after almost three decades of serving the community. Staff writers Augustus Soedarmono and Huang explore how the Palo Alto community came together to fight against the eviction of Mike’s Diner, a beloved Midtown restaurant, in “Escaping eviction.”

As the school year opens, we too can reflect on the past as we journey forward. In our first issue, we welcome both new and returning staffers. This year, we hope to draw on Verde’s long tradition of in-depth reporting while capturing new developments around us. 

When reading this issue, we hope that you, just like the sheep in the Hidden Villa pasture, will take a long look baaa-ck. 

On the Cover

A sheep peers through a fence at Hidden Villa farm in a photo taken by photographer Kensie Pao. Hidden Villa has a rich history of education and inclusivity and will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, looking both back at the past and forward into the future. 

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