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Light streams through the large glass windows, illuminating the pale palette of the building and broadening the expanse of the common room. Construction crew...
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The People’s Revolution

Living here in Palo Alto, we have the comfort of knowing that we can stay out past 7 p.m. without worrying for our life or being locked out of our home for the night. We can practice any religion we like without a threat of persecution. We don’t hear reports everyday about people being killed by our government.
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I’m a He, Not a Question Mark

Additional Reporting by Alyssa Takahashi Editor’s Note: This story switches from using female pronouns to male pronouns for the main subject. The change is i...
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The First 100 Days

Newly appointed Palo Alto High School principal Kim Diorio is prepared to take on the challenging role  As of this fall, former assistant principal Kim Dior...

Cannabis Controversy

Emma enters her daughter’s room holding two sandwich bags, each bearing five grams of marijuana in dime-sized green buds. She hands one bag to her daughter, Liz, a former Palo Alto high school student whose name has been changed.
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Saving the Preserve

  The Team: Cayla Wanderman-Milne (right) poses with volunteers. Photography courtesy of Cayla Wanderman-Milne. The gold award challenges High Schoo...
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Alternative Schooling

AT 8:15 A.M., students in the Palo Alto Unified School District   slouch into their desks and prepare for the school day. Some students, however, begin the day ...

When A Band-Aid Doesn’t Cover It

Emrich Stovel, a 2004 Palo Alto High School alum, has eleven scars, across the sides of his body from surgery that removed the top of his left lung. Two episodes of spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in his senior year at Paly left Stovel in the hospital twice in two weeks after attempts to re-inflate his lung. After leaving Palo Alto to attend college in Oregon, his left lung collapsed again and then several more times in the following months. Finally, Stovel went through surgery to remove a small part of his lung.

The Bay’s Cup

One of the famed 72 ft. long AC72 Catamarans. In September, the biggest sailing event in the world took place right here in San Francisco Bay. The Amer...