When A Band-Aid Doesn’t Cover It

Emrich Stovel, a 2004 Palo Alto High School alum, has eleven scars, across the sides of his body from surgery that removed the top of his left lung. Two episodes of spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in his senior year at Paly left Stovel in the hospital twice in two weeks after attempts to re-inflate his lung. After leaving Palo Alto to attend college in Oregon, his left lung collapsed again and then several more times in the following months. Finally, Stovel went through surgery to remove a small part of his lung.
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The Bay’s Cup

One of the famed 72 ft. long AC72 Catamarans. In September, the biggest sailing event in the world took place right here in San Francisco Bay. The America’s...
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What’s in a Home?

As a city gal of the 21st century, I have always been jealous of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her little house on the prairie. Of course, I know that I’m lucky to l...
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The Ultimate Sport

Senior Allen Zheng stretches his arm to throw a disc to an open teammate as junior Ghenki Okumoto counts away Zheng’s time: “Stall one. Stall two. Stall three…”...
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Curfew and Far Between

IT’S JUST AFTER midnight, a misty Tuesday morning on the streets of our fair city. Lamppost lights flicker and a horn blares in the distance, only to be silence...
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Women of the Valley

Ann Lewnes recalls, at age 25, being offered a promotion at a previous company — but with a salary significantly less than that of her male predecessor. She had...
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Paly Rocks

A group of students steps up to the senior deck. It’s the start of lunch and classmates begin to fill the quad. The group dubbed “Paly Rocks Club” prepares to s...
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Aiding the Community with Ada’s Cafe

The lights brighten overhead as Kathleen Foley-Hughes steps onto the platform and accepts the microphone to make a speech. She thanks her family and friends for...
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As the prospect of leaving Paly for good draws nearer for the Seniors, another prospect also sometimes looms for seniors: having admission at the “dream college...