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Our Oscars

Ellen is set to host this year's Academy Awards, and we can’t wait for her humor and skits. This year, “American Hustle” and “Gravity” have accumulated a whoppi...
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Keep On Truckin’

The parking lot of a car dealership may not seem like the most appealing place for a lunch crowd to congregate, but food trucks 3-3-3 and Mobowl give diversity ...

Sleep Deprivation

I’m sooo tired” would definitely win first in a Paly’s-most-common-phrase contest. “Wow, I got such a good sleep last night” would probably be last

The Beast Coast Awakens

Quickly emerging onto the music scene, the Beast Coast movement is creating shock waves with its controversial content
and youthful rebelliousness, in a modern ...

The English Toffee Bar

The best bars in the business are English. Photo by Claire Priestley. A time-tested third-generation recipe, these warm, soft and crunchy English toffee bar...

Veggie Tales

Charlie Ayers cooks a flat bread in Calafia's pizza oven. Photo by Claire Priestley A cloud of flour trails behind head chef Charlie Ayers as he swiftly slides three perfectly round pizzas into a red-hot wood-burning stove that emanates heat as C...

Taco Time

The booths at the far end of the restaurant encompassed by the kitchen and the front glass window. Tacolicious, located at 632 Emerson St in Palo Alto is kn...

We All Scream for Ice Cream

It's nearly 10 p.m. on a Friday night and I’m immersed in a mob of excited people surrounding Palo Alto’s next big thing: CREAM, a newly-opened walk-in restaurant dedicated to the creation of ice cream sandwiches to satisfy our sweet tooth. Expanding to Palo Alto this past summer, CREAM, which now has three locations and counting in California, was an instant hit. Who knew a tiny specialized Berkeley-originating restaurant could attract a two-hour-long line every night since its opening? I certainly didn’t.

Back in Black and White

The tones of organ music in the Stanford Theater transport movie-goers back to the early days of film. In the darkness, it takes a minute to identify the organ player: dressed in a suit jacket with short tails, he sits on the stage, framed by red velvet curtains.
The last song finishes with a flourish and applause ensues. The movie is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and when the curtain rises, the analog clock icon on my iPhone tells me it’s right on time. No previews. No blaring announcements about cell phone use.