As seniors prepare to hurl their decorated caps into the air, we say goodbye to our colorful beach balls, mandatory Flex time and childhood friends. Together we’ve been through ups and downs: winning our epic float junior year, putting up with constant construction, cheering on each other in sports, and evacuating after way too many fire alarms. Beginning a new chapter of our lives can be scary. We will meet new friends, explore new places and find new passions; but will always be Vikings at heart. Goodbye seniors, and good luck! Read on for some of the seniors’ reflections upon their past four years.

What will you miss most about Paly?

“I’ve had some really great teachers that are here to make sure that we learn as much as we can and we enjoy doing so, and it’s really great to have their support.”

— Reed Foster

“Paly is the first place that I’ve felt at home. I moved here from Georgia, but here I feel like everyone is friendly. I can talk to anybody.

— Maggie Ainsworth Darnell

“The people, the resources and opportunities that I’ve had here that really opened my eyes.”

— Hannah Pan

“Paly has offered me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

—Jon Semba

“My friends.”

—Rafi Moskowitz

What has Paly taught you?

“Paly has taught me to explore things that I wouldn’t usually do and meet new people.”

— Calvin Grewal

“Paly has taught me to work hard, how to be diligent, how to be studious and how to make the most of it.”

— Niklas Risano

“I mean it’s a school, so hopefully a lot.”

— Olivia d’Arezzo

“If you push yourself to be involved in activities you wouldn’t normally be involved in, it’s just a really rewarding cycle to be in. Paly taught me that I should keep trying to be in everything that’s going on.”

— Michaela Fogarty

How will the class of 2018 be remembered?

“Our boxing float junior year.”

— Hollie Chiao

“We will be remembered for the wonderful spirit we had in Spirit Week.”

— Aashai Avadhani

“Cooking with Cooper and the creation of the Paly Meme Page.” 

— Ruth Itzkowitz

“It will definitely be remembered for the class of 2017 versus class of 2018 Spirit Week feud.”

— Miguel Moreno

“We’ll definitely be remembered for having the best class president, now ASB president, Jaiveer. This will be the last amazing basketball team we have at Paly for awhile. Those guys will all be remembered.”

— Noah Yuen