Before They Were Here: Faculty’s Careers Before Teaching

Over 200 faculty members at Palo Alto High School teach, counsel and otherwise work here on a daily basis. While many were passionate about their chosen field of education from the beginning of their own higher education, others arrived at their destinations as teachers through alternate routes. Verde talked to four faculty members to learn about their careers before going into the field of education.
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Give Us a Bow

Palo Alto High School seniors Megan Rohrer (left) and Tessera Chin (right) rehearse at Chin's house. On an ordinary Wednesday night, a duet of string music ...

Behind the kendo mask

Kendo, a Japanese martial art, features one-on-one combat using wooden swords and protective armour. The goal is to strike the opponent in specific target area...

The Man Behind the Screen

Robert Minkoff, the director of “The Lion King” and multiple other children’s films, graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1980, and went on to study animation at the California Institute of the Arts in San Francisco. His first movie, “Tummy Trouble,” was released in 1989, and he has directed nine movies since. His new movie, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman,” came out March 7. In a phone interview with Verde, Minkoff reflected on his time at Paly and how it has influenced his current life and career.

The Star of the NFL

Chen poses with coach and Paly alum Alex Carter after winning a tournament. ““The biggest thing with Travis is that he is very well-rounded as a debater,” says...
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Nancy Shepard

OUR MAYOR Nancy Shepherd was elected as Palo Alto’s new mayor on Jan. 6, 2014. “I love the people,” Nancy Shepherd, the newly elected mayor of Palo Alto, sa...
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In Bloom

Bloom, who has been working in the Paly Social Science department since 1998, currently teaches Economics and AP Macroeconomics. “I’ve been here a long time, s...

In Her Toe Shoes

A flame of red hair flies behind her and her toe shoes pound on the dirt. Enveloped by the silence of trees and the setting sun, she closes out her 15-mile ...