A Piece of Reese: A man, his bike, and his mustache

Scott Reese, Palo Alto High School Campus Supervisor, has worked at Paly for over two decades, and has watched the school change as Palo Alto has evolved. Reese sits down with Verde to explain his job and to offer his views on the evolution of Palo Alto.

Music Review: Childish Gambino – STN MTN & Kauai

Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino on the music scene, is something of a modern day Renaissance man, having received awards for his writing on the TV show “30 Rock,” acted on another show “Community,” performed stand-up on Comedy Central and ...

Camouflage: Exploring the Senior Tradition

Camouflage, the classic military pattern, has come to symbolize seniority at Paly, with each successive senior class embracing the tradition again year after year. Verde looks deeper into the reasons behind the camo.

Restaurant Review: Pizza Studio

 Check out Pizza Studio's Oct. 28 promotion!     A dark tomato blend spreads over the thin rosemary dough in circular motions, seconds later accompanied by a thick mound of fluffy, white mozzarella cheese and minced garlic. An ar...
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Music Review: Clipping — CLPPNG

Sludgy blasts of audio slurps burst. Spiraling tinny echoes usher in electronic chirps. Pitter-patter beats dance around unapologetic verses. Slushy drums are i...