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Best Lemonade on the Block: Searching for this Summer’s Ultimate Drink

Palo Alto High School junior Alexa Morales enjoys her meal and drink at Lemonade with her friends after a minimum day.

Summer is approaching rapidly and many are looking for the quintessential thirst-quenching drink. Created in different flavors, colors and sizes, lemonade is a classic refreshment for those craving an icy drink in the hot weather. Verde located two stores on the same block that sell lemon-flavored drinks – Lemonade and T4 – and reviewed them. Ultimately, Lemonade took home Verde’s title of “Best Lemonade on the Block” because of its large variety of flavors, refreshing taste and aesthetically pleasing appearance.   

LEMONADE – 151 University Ave, Palo Alto

Blood orange ($3.50)    

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rating:  4/5                                           

The blood orange lemonade successfully defended its reputation as the most popular drink at Lemonade. The flushed coral hues that permeated the drink were pleasing to the eye, and the taste was a pleasant harmony of lemon and orange. Although it lacked acidity, this drink graced our tastebuds with a mildly sweet taste and a lingering undertone of orange which provided a sweet, memorable experience.

Classic Lemonade ($3.50)     

rating:  2/5                                  

This old fashioned flavor failed to deliver. The excessively concentrated, saccharine taste wrestled for dominance over the clashing acidity of the lemon, and all of the artificiality left a dry, sickly sweet aftertaste. The quality of this drink could have been somewhat salvaged had there been less sugar. After only a few sips, the overwhelming sweetness compelled us to set the drink down.

T4 – 165 University Ave, Palo Alto

Lemon Bomb Green Tea ($3.25)   

 rating:  3/5                                

This drink was a subdued, transparent shade of yellow with a wedge of lemon bobbing at the surface. The honey, lemon and green tea fused together to produce a soothing refreshment, which was unfortunately eclipsed to an extent by an excess of sugar. If Verde were to try the drink again, we would order it at 80 percent sugar to highlight the other more subtle flavors concealed behind the sweetness.

Lemon Smoothie ($3.95)                                    

rating:   2/5  

A unique consistency, the lemon smoothie’s texture lacked the quality of being smooth and instead resembled a crunchy, thick, iced slushy. To our disappointment, the ice was carelessly crushed, with large chunks refusing to flow up the straw with the aloe. An earnest attempt to create an unusual spin on a lemon drink ultimately left us wondering why it was created in the first place.