Brigid Godfrey

The Many Faces of Jenny Xin

Jenny Xin, a star in both speech and choir who is also known for her funny faces and A.P United States History puns, sits down for a Q&A with Verde.
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Choir to release album

The Palo Alto High School Choirs are fundraising to produce an album. The choirs are using Kickstarter to raise money in order for their album titled titled “A...

A Year Between: PAUSD Alums talk Gap Years

Most of us see our paths as pre-determined. Elementary School, then middle school, high school and then on to college. But others choose to go against the status quo, leading them to a year of learning and adventure.

They/Them, Singular: Exploring gender outside of the binary

"I think the biggest thing about my gender is that 98 percent of people in this school don’t even know it exists,” says Riley. Riley, like other students interviewed in this story, does not identify within the gender binary. In other words, they do not feel comfortable identifying solely as male or female; non-binary people can feel they are both genders, neither or a mixture of the two. Some terms they use to describe themselves are genderqueer, non-binary, agender and gender fluid. Verde explores the issues facing non-binary kids at Paly.

Cleared for Takeoff

  Paige Hansen places the muffs of her headphones over her ears and adjusts the microphone. To her left, orange clouds and billows of dust engulf the ti...