The Palo Alto Unified School District’s new superintendent plans on making significant changes to improve transparency and communication.

On Sept. 25, superintendent Max McGee hosted a coffee meeting in the Media Arts Center atrium, expressing his main goals for the coming years.

According to McGee, one of his goals is to improve the district’s transparency.

“One of our [the district’s] goals is being much more proactive and much less reactive in communication,” McGee said. “We should share our vision to share our goals and our successes, but when problems exist, we should be forthright and address them promptly, openly and transparently.”

McGee also hopes to improve the district culture to help prepare students for a future that engages in global collaborations and competition.

“[Our goal is of] promoting, advancing and inspiring a culture of academic excellence,” McGee said. “We also need to highlight consistent high quality and fairness in curriculum, instruction and assessment, balancing that with supporting the design, development, implementation and assessment of innovation at the school sights.”

McGee says he looks forward to working with high school students, as he believes they are not shy to express their ideas.