Anna Lu

A Heart Connection Is Deeper Than Blood

Erickson Valentine stands by a podium at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School’s graduation ceremony. His sixth grade teacher Rebecca Cogswell hands him a trophy ...
Second-year student Amy Brown (left) tutors first-year student Amy Teehan (right).

The Stanford of Dental Hygiene

For the first time in 57 years, Foothill Community College's dental hygiene program will be awarding students with a bachelor's degree, making it one of only 15 programs statewide that allow community college students to earn a bachelor's degree and the better job opportunities that it promises. For the dental hygiene's program prestigious reputation and 100 percent pass rate on the board certification exam, it has even been called the "Stanford of dental hygiene."
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District adds new classes for this fall

Palo Alto High School will be implementing five new classes in its curriculum for the upcoming 2014-2015 year. According to Vice Principal Kathy Laurence, Pa...
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The Price of Perfection

"I would try and get myself sick. I looked up online what the lethal dose of bleach is. I thought about drinking just enough bleach so that I would throw up and I wouldn’t have to go to school to take my math test, but I wouldn’t die.”

Not Yet Exterminated

ON APRIL 7, programmers discovered a coding error that left two-thirds of the internet vulnerable. The bug was named Heartbleed. By April 10, its vulnerabilitie...