Palo Alto High School will be implementing five new classes in its curriculum for the upcoming 2014-2015 year.

According to Vice Principal Kathy Laurence, Paly will be including the following courses: Computer Science Principles, Getting into the Game, Early Childhood Development, English 10 and Accelerated Social Justice, and Government/Continued World Social Justice, which will be taught by Christopher Kuszmaul, Theresa McDermott, Hillary McDaniel, Eric Angell, and Eric Bloom, respectively.

Many of these new classes, like Early Childhood Development, further concentrate specific areas of study.

“Child Development is a concentrated area of psychology,” McDaniel said. “This is a really unique opportunity for high school students to see the curriculum come to life and gain real world skills.”

Other classes, including Getting Into the Game, look to integrate diverse skill sets.

“It [Getting Into the Game] involves a lot of writing, business and leadership,” Filppu said. “I highly recommend everyone to join.”