Volume 16, Issue 2

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Theater to perform in Play in a Day event

Palo Alto High School’s theater department will host its annual Play in a Day on Dec. 19 and 20. “There is going to be a meeting with everyone participating on...

Aware of our Awareness: We must direct focus to causes in need

Throughout the year, Palo Alto High School students frequently come together to show school spirit and support one another. Whether it is Spirit Week profile picture changes or white-outs at home football games, the sense of community within Paly is hard to miss.

The First in Their Families: What it Means to be a First Generation College Student

For all of the 50 first generation students at Palo Alto High School — approximately 10 percent of the senior class — going to college provides a chance at upward mobility for themselves and their families. Verde illuminates the challenges these students have faced and the support they've received from Paly teachers in order to successfully make it through the college application process.

They/Them, Singular: Exploring gender outside of the binary

"I think the biggest thing about my gender is that 98 percent of people in this school don’t even know it exists,” says Riley. Riley, like other students interviewed in this story, does not identify within the gender binary. In other words, they do not feel comfortable identifying solely as male or female; non-binary people can feel they are both genders, neither or a mixture of the two. Some terms they use to describe themselves are genderqueer, non-binary, agender and gender fluid. Verde explores the issues facing non-binary kids at Paly.