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World Music Day Coming to Palo Alto

Amateur and professional musicians will perform a diverse range of music on June 21 across Palo Altofor the cities seventh annual World Music Day. The event, which takes place on Father’s Day, will feature jazz, blues, classical music, rock, klezmer and other genres. The festival will take place in downtown Palo Alto, where musicians will play along University Avenue and at public squares such as King Plaza,where City Hall is located.

Summer Spots: Cool teen hangouts to visit in Palo Alto

As a teen, it can be difficult to find the ideal hang-out spot. Most places are either too populated or too unpleasant. However, Palo Alto hosts a great selection of teen-friendly gems simply waiting to be idled at, if only you can find them. Verde compiled a list of the city’s most obscure and unique hang-out spots, all of which offer their own distinctive attractions, and all of which are free to access. Loiter away, kids.

Crash Catastrophe: Vital steps to take after a car accident

Car accidents are scary, intense and inevitable. For high school students just beginning to drive, these crashes are much more frequent and much more confusing when they do happen. It is therefore important to know how to deal with them. Because it can be hard to think clearly in the wake of an accident, Verde has compiled a list of the steps to be taken after a crash.
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Five minutes a day: Meditation’s new role in the classroom

Once unheard of in Western culture and confined to the far East, meditation is now praised by the scientific community and taught in classrooms as both a stress-coping technique and a means to a more peaceful and spiritual state of being. Recently, several Palo Alto High School teachers have begun leading short meditation sessions in their classrooms for the benefit of students. Verde talked with them to find out why.

A Piece of Reese: A man, his bike, and his mustache

Scott Reese, Palo Alto High School Campus Supervisor, has worked at Paly for over two decades, and has watched the school change as Palo Alto has evolved. Reese sits down with Verde to explain his job and to offer his views on the evolution of Palo Alto.

Camouflage: Exploring the Senior Tradition

Camouflage, the classic military pattern, has come to symbolize seniority at Paly, with each successive senior class embracing the tradition again year after year. Verde looks deeper into the reasons behind the camo.
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Board seats to change hands

Two positions on the Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education will change hands on Nov. 8, following statements by the incumbent board members sayin...