Amateur and professional musicians will perform a diverse range of music on June 21 across Palo Alto for the cities seventh annual World Music Day.

The event, which takes place on Father’s Day, will feature jazz, blues, classical music, rock, klezmer and other genres. The festival will take place in downtown Palo Alto, where musicians will play along University Avenue and at public squares such as King Plaza,where City Hall is located.

Palo Alto World Music Day has occurred annually since 2009, according to founder Claude Ezran. Ezran says that he was inspired to organize the event after a trip to Paris.

“It [World Music Day] is known there [in France] as Fête de la Musique,” Ezran said. “I enjoyed the musical diversity and the enthusiasm of the crowds so much that I decided to bring this fantastic concept back to Palo Alto. World Music Day is a great fit for Palo Alto given our broad cultural diversity and the availability of so much great musical talent here.”

The festival will run from 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., with admission free of charge, and University Ave will be closed to traffic through its duration.