Two positions on the Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education will change hands on Nov. 8, following statements by the incumbent board members saying that they will not seek re-election.

Three potential candidates -— Ken Dauber, Catherine Crystal Foster and Terry Godfrey — have expressed their intentions to run in the next election. However, since the application window has not yet opened, it is still too early to formally apply for candidacy.

Dauber said he wants to take steps to reduce students’ stress, open more elementary schools to reduce overcrowding and increase transparency within the board.

Dana Tom, a departing board member, agrees that cramped schools are increasingly problematic. According to Tom, other issues the board must soon face include outdated bullying policies and an expiring lease on Cubberley Community Center.

“After nine years of serving on the school board, I will be ready to move on to new adventures,” Tom said.