Caroline Young

Coin Wash: One 2 a.m. Foray into Three Lives

At first, several of my midnight attempts to approach fellow patrons were shut down, but eventually I met a confident, boisterous woman who was once in jail, a man who works more than 14 hours a day at Papa John’s and a homeless man who eloquently performed the words of an inspirational poem. The appearances of these people may fluctuate based on the moment — past, present or future — but what unites them is how their past experiences, present actions and future dreams converge into their own unique stories. What follows are the findings and experiences of a journey, undertaken by three other staff-writers and I, to get at least a glimpse into the lives of those who we might not have encountered otherwise.

Discrimination Nation: Racism toward Asians can’t go unnoticed

Taking the dirt path, I leave Palo Alto High School and meander my way toward the bridge to Town and Country Village. As I reach the start of the path, I notice a man on a bicycle pedaling toward me. I panic for a split second about which side of the pavement I’m supposed to walk on, and then decide to play it safe and stay to the side until he passes to avoid being flattened by his bike. But instead, it’s his words that hit me. “Wrong country,” the man says to me as he rides past. I stand there for a second in disbelief while he zooms away. I turn to look at another student, who stands frozen in shock as the sole witness, as my mouth almost forms the words: “Did he really just say that?”
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Admin to cover Franco mural

WORK IN PROGRESS - James Franco relaxes after talking to Paly students while working on one of his two unfinished murals on Oct. 13. The mural is inspired by p...
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Launch: Fall Reading List

Not sure what to read this fall? Check out one of these Young Adult novels! “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS” by Cristin Terrill This taut, emotionally-charged time-tra...