Frances Zhuang

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Union Square

A young girl gleefully glides across the ice at Union Square in San Francisco, laughing in delight as she weaves around the legs of adults who tower above her. Suddenly she wobbles and crashes to the ground, and begins to cry. Her father picks her up, dries her tears and brushes off the flecks of ice stuck to her pastel blue puffer. All is well again.Families and couples swarm around the father-daughter-duo, all here to enjoy the ambience of Union Square during the holidays. A larger-than-life

Christmas Playlist

Sleigh Ride Leroy Anderson Art by Annie Zhou Jinglebell Rock Bobby Helms Let it Go Idina Menzel Peppermint Winter Owl City All I Want for Ch...

Highlight Memes of 2016

Spongegar: This meme, comprised of the iconic Spongebob character with a large brown muzzle, fangs, and a vexed expression, is often used to express disappoint...

Working for Wellness

As visitors enter the Tower Building at Palo Alto High School, the unexpected soothing sound of flowing water and the warm, familiar smell of herbal tea entices...