For many, prom is the social event of the year, or of high school overall.  While many have suggestions, tips, or advice for prom, I am here to offer up a list of some potential prom catastrophes.  Start planning early to make sure these don’t happen to you, or procrastinate and suffer your chosen fate. Let the possible horror stories begin.

1. You get turned down during a fancy public asking.  The common perception is that the more intricate the asking, the more public and heartfelt, the more likely that your prospective date will say yes.  However, there is always the possibility of rejection, which is made especially devastating by the fact that everyone will know.

2. You get separated from your squad on the bus.  While we’re on the subject of the bus to prom, be sure to predetermine seating arrangements!  Nobody wants to be stuck all the way in the back while all their friends are up in the front having a grand old time, making memories and inside jokes that will last forever.

3. Your phone runs out of battery.  Cue the gasps and the faints – without a smartphone, how will you tweet, snap, ‘gram, and prove to your entire social circle that you’re enjoying yourself?  After all, everyone knows that your life is only as vibrant as that C1 filter on your VSCO.

4. You get hit by a bus. I’m serious — if it can happen to Regina George, it can happen to anyone. Sure, she ended up going to prom (excuse me, “Spring Fling”) but that clunky black neck brace on top of her dress detracted from her aesthetic.  Besides, after shelling out so much for a fancy outfit, who even has money to spend on medical bills? Long story short, it would be so much easier to avoid buses (and all vehicles). When crossing roads, look both ways. In case the unthinkable does happen, wear your helmet everywhere to make sure your hair doesn’t get messed up.  Knee and elbow pads probably wouldn’t hurt, either.