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Mad for Manresa: Local bakery opens a Palo Alto location


Eager patrons chatter and browse the menu in the polished blue and tan interior of Town and Country’s new bakery Manresa Bread. Its busy, cheerful atmosphere is accompanied by the sweet smell of pastries and coffee. 

The bakery’s Palo Alto location opened in mid-April and offers bread, pastries sandwiches and coffee to-go. Cognizant of its proximity to Palo Alto High School, Manresa is making efforts to reach out to student customers, according to store manager Daniel Ortiz. Paly students will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount on all items. 

“We’re going to have some new items coming out, some that are going to be specifically tailored towards the students,” Ortiz said. “They can also order online through their phone for pick-up for lunch. If they want to order, we’ll have it ready for them to just run in, pick it up and they can head on out.”

Fans of the California Avenue farmers market might recognize the name, as Manresa Bread was a staple of the weekly market for years. According to Ortiz, the success of their farmers market stall inspired them to open a permanent storefront in Town and Country. 

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“There was very high interest in Palo Alto,” Ortiz said. “Our original bakery opened in 2014, and this was the next logical choice to go.”

Their breads and pastries are baked fresh every day at the commissary and then delivered to each of their storefronts in Los Altos, Campbell, Los Gates and now Palo Alto. 

“We’re going to have some new items coming out, some that are going to be specifically tailored towards the students.”

— Daniel Ortiz, Palo Alto manager

While many local businesses closed their doors over the past two years, Manresa was able to power through the pandemic.

“The pandemic actually saw an increase in business for the company,” Ortiz said. “Manresa did a pick-up and take home from our commissary [bakery] in Los Gatos and that was extremely popular and all of our stores saw increasing business afterwards.”