Sounds of the street: Buskers perform in Palo Alto


Emily Yao and Gopala Varadarajan

Walking around Palo Alto, music flows through the air. From upbeat acoustic guitar duos to a drummer and dancer team, musicians bring a pleasant ambiance and vibrance into our neighborhoods.

Many of these casual performers, or “buskers,” simply play for pleasure, while others hope to display their talent to the world. One group, “Midtown Dreamers,” performs at the California Avenue Farmers Market every Sunday and described what draws them to busking.

“A desire to fill the air with music,” busker Rouin Farschi said. “A desire to express ourselves, be heard. A desire to become better musicians. But honestly, I like the way we sound and I enjoy just hearing us play. I occasionally step outside myself as we’re playing and just listen to the music and enjoy myself.”