Juice Cleansing: Healthy Practice or Harmful Habit?

Project Juice is a juicery offering a variety of juice cleanses meant to help people attain their daily quota of fruits and vegetables through juice. Verde explores the nutritional benefits of the new diet, juice cleansing.
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Do You Wanna Build a Snow-Zen?

The Chocolate Kiss, with chocolate snow, strawberries and chocolate drizzle.  Up until the afternoon of Feb. 23, I was living a naive, simple existence. It was then that I lifted a life-altering spoonful of fluffy ice into my mouth not knowing wh...

Lost and Found

The sun beats down on two long rows of tents, reflecting off of brass belt buckles and handmade jewelry. Colorful tapestries at one stall flutter lazily in the light breeze, while small spherical terrariums sway back and forth on strings at another booth farther down the line. Customers bargain with vendors, and children excitedly sift through merchandise laid out on the cement.
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We Want the Airwaves

Sophomores Saba Moussavian and Clara Wolfe explore the vinyl collection at KZSU Radio station. Photo by Samantha Dewees. In the heart of  Stanford campus in a small studio under the Pigott Theater, tucked behind a corner and beneath a short fligh...
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Keep Calm and App On

After the bulky orange “get ready” sign flashes fingers begin to tap upon the smartphone screen in a rhythmic beat guiding the pixelated bird, the main characte...