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Behind the Lens: Four Photographers Shoot One Model


Inspired by Jessica Kobeissi’s Youtube series, “Four Photographers Shoot the Same Model” I decided I wanted to do something similar. The series was an interesting way to show different perspectives of various photographers — both in photography and photo editing style. However, I had wanted to give it a twist — instead of gathering four photographers from AP Studio Art 2D (Photography), I messaged photographers from different Palo Alto High School publications.

The four photographers — Ryan Gwyn from C Magazine, Angelina Wang from The Paly Voice, Jonathan Stoschek from The Campanile and Maraleis Sinton from Verde Magazine — headed to California Avenue on a storming Monday afternoon to shoot our model, senior Cauanny Zanco. Each photographer picked a location and had three minutes to shoot. After shooting, everyone edited their photos and picked their favorite one to showcase.

Each photograph has its own unique perspective and editing style, its own mood and structure. Part of the reason is the difference in equipment; but mostly, it’s what the photographer sees behind the lens.

Ryan Gwyn, C Magazine

General photographer

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Nikon DF, 85mm f/s 1.4


Angelina Wang, The Paly Voice

Portrait photographer

Canon 60D, 50mm f/s 1.4

Jonathan Stoschek, The Campanile

Landscape photographer

Nikon D3200, 35mm f/s 1.8

Maraleis Sinton, Verde Magazine

Street photographer

Nikon 7200, 18-60mm f/s 4