Volume 15, Issue 5

All content from Volume 15, Issue 5 was published and distributed on Apr. 7, 2013.

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Do You Wanna Build a Snow-Zen?

The Chocolate Kiss, with chocolate snow, strawberries and chocolate drizzle.  Up until the afternoon of Feb. 23, I was living a naive, simple existence. It ...

Cleared for Takeoff

  Paige Hansen places the muffs of her headphones over her ears and adjusts the microphone. To her left, orange clouds and billows of dust engulf the ti...

Lost and Found

The sun beats down on two long rows of tents, reflecting off of brass belt buckles and handmade jewelry. Colorful tapestries at one stall flutter lazily in the light breeze, while small spherical terrariums sway back and forth on strings at another booth farther down the line. Customers bargain with vendors, and children excitedly sift through merchandise laid out on the cement.

Into the Woods

Customers dine on the front porch of Alice's Restaurant. The building was a general store for local loggers in the early 1900s before being converted into a re...
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Give Us a Bow

Palo Alto High School seniors Megan Rohrer (left) and Tessera Chin (right) rehearse at Chin's house. On an ordinary Wednesday night, a duet of string music ...