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Castilleja’s plans for expansion

To increase enrollment as well as to mitigate traffic, Castilleja has proposed a construction plan that will occur in three phases. Castilleja’s aim is to incre...

OCR’s 8 Investigations

In their 23-page report, the OCR examined eight cases of sexual harassment and assault and how the district handled (or mishandled) them. The full report can be found at: https://www.pausd.org/sites/default/files/pdn-news/attachments/PAUSD-OCRFindings-3-8-17.pdf 1 A Paly student reports an alleged off-campus assault to the school. In response, the school assisted her in filing a police report, provided her with a list of counseling resources and temporarily excused her from school. Though the


There's no event that wholly captures the attention of the country's top high school students like the college application process. At Paly, every new applicati...

Coming of Age Movies

The brief period between childhood and adulthood is a weird one — we start to get pimples, are forced to think about our futures, and for some, delve into the w...