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Five minutes a day: Meditation’s new role in the classroom

Once unheard of in Western culture and confined to the far East, meditation is now praised by the scientific community and taught in classrooms as both a stress-coping technique and a means to a more peaceful and spiritual state of being. Recently, several Palo Alto High School teachers have begun leading short meditation sessions in their classrooms for the benefit of students. Verde talked with them to find out why.

Shooting for the Moon: Palo Alto High School’s Throwing Team

Because of its lack of popularity and general disinterest in its events, the Palo Alto High School throwing team is often overshadowed by the classic running events. For the 2015 spring season, the shot put and discus team has a meager 17 competitors for its two events, in comparison to the 100 competitors in running and jumping events. However, the throwing team brings a quirky ambience and unique talent to Paly's Track and Field team.