Lucia Amieva-Wang


RV LIFE ON EL CAMINO REAL Every 72 hours, Britney and Niles pack up their things and get ready to move. Papers, clothes and books are stuffed into drawers, their belongings hastily tucked away. Every 72 hours, they lower the jacks and remove the wooden planks under the wheels of their RV. Every 72 hours, they turn off the generator, secure the propane gas tank, align the truck and call a U-Haul. Every 72 hours, they must find a new spot to park on the side of El Camino Real, because if not, a p


At 6:43 a.m., Wanda Caldwell maneuvers Bus #31 out of the Palo Alto Unified School District bus lot and toward her first stop of the morning: East Palo Alto. She then drives her bright yellow school bus to five other stops before dropping students off at Greene Middle School. Though her students begin their day by boarding the bus at 7:00 a.m., leaning their heads against the window and thinking of the school day ahead of them, Caldwell’s day starts many hours before she leaves the bus yard. It

The Bus Ride Home

Slightly out of breath from running the last stretch to the bus station, Palo Alto High School seniors Brianna Moreno-Alcocer and Allison Salinas step onto SamTrans Bus 21, each swiping a reflective green card across the sensor in one smooth, practiced motion. Moreno-Alcocer slides into the row of seats first, placing her backpack on her lap as Salinas settles into the seat beside her. A faint smell of diesel clings to the well-worn and patterned seat covers and the low hum of the bus engine th