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Editorial: Praising ASB, admin for successful campus return


After over a year of remote learning, students have successfully returned to Palo Alto High School’s campus, largely due to the hard work of Paly’s Associated Student Body and Administration. We commend our student representatives and administrators for ensuring that students are safe and motivated as they navigate the return to in-person school.

Starting in June, ASB convened to coordinate the upcoming major events, such as orientation, the Second Friday Dance and a back-to-school spirit rally.

“We were going from zero to a hundred, right from the beginning of online school just to immediately having rallies,” junior and ASB President Johannah Seah said. “It was better than I could’ve imagined.”

“The most important part of school is connection before content.”

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— Brent Kline, principal

Junior Archie Webber said he believes the representatives planned events that helped students bond and reinvigorate the Paly community.

“The dance was really well organized, and I had a lot of fun there,” Webber said. “It was nice seeing everyone together again.” 

We also appreciate the statewide health protocols that the Paly administrators diligently followed when considering the safety of students and staff. While indoor mask mandates have been strictly enforced (following the California COVID-19 mask protocols), students are permitted to breathe mask-free outdoors, allowing them to feel comfortable when eating lunch or hanging out around campus.

“The most important part of school is connection before content,” Principal Brent Kline said. 

We are grateful for the dedication of the Paly administration and student representatives since the beginning of summer, contributing to the outstanding start of the new school year.