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Day for Diwali: Cultural celebration comes to Palo Alto

Steve Gu

Vibrant colors, beautiful clothing and enchanting dancers invite wandering eyes to the Diwali festivities on the cafeteria stage of Ellen Fletcher Middle School. 

Diwali takes place every autumn between October and November, this year falling on Oct. 22.

The celebration allows many, like Palo Alto resident Skreekanth Menon, a rare chance to embrace their cultural heritage in the midst of friends and family. 

“It is nice to have a vibrant Indian sub-community in Palo Alto,” Menon said. “We are slowly re-engaging with the Indian community. It was also a chance for my mother, who lives with us, to get out of the house and see a Desi crowd, something she misses having relocated from India a few years ago.”

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The activities were hosted by the Indian Community Center at local middle schools like Fletcher. 

Community members and performers, like Palo Alto High School student Divij Motwani, took the stage to celebrate the holiday.  

“I’m part of a small band that participates in ICC events,” Motwani said. “I just enjoyed the amount of people there. Everyone is there to cheer you on and just have a good time.”