Frances Zhuang

Terminating the Myth: Ryan Liu

Read the full text of Ryan's paper here: From Alexa in a speaker to Roomba under the couch, almost every Silicon Valley student is familiar with s...

Student Research Showcase: Recap

The annual Advanced Authentic Research showcase celebrating student research and innovation took place on May 18, in Palo Alto High School’s Media Arts ...

A Safe Haven For All?

Rendezvousing in the library would be safer, we decided. Safer than her apartment, where two out-of-place teenagers knocking on her door in the middle of the da...
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Union Square

A young girl gleefully glides across the ice at Union Square in San Francisco, laughing in delight as she weaves around the legs of adults who tower above her. Suddenly she wobbles and crashes to the ground, and begins to cry. Her father picks her up, dries her tears and brushes off the flecks of ice stuck to her pastel blue puffer. All is well again.Families and couples swarm around the father-daughter-duo, all here to enjoy the ambience of Union Square during the holidays. A larger-than-life