After dark: Exploring Palo Alto’s nighttime activities


LATE NIGHT LACROSSE — The Palo Alto Ducks have been playing men’s lacrosse since 1965, according to team member Wade Higgins. After Palo Alto High School history teacher D.J. Shelton joined the team, the Ducks began renting Paly’s lacrosse field on Thursday nights. Photo: Gopala Varadarajan

For the majority of Palo Alto High School students and teachers, the day ends between 3:30 and 4:10 p.m. — but for many that is just the beginning. Evenings and nights provide opportunities to engage with favorite activities, enjoy a meal with friends or simply go for a walk.

Apart from the thriving nighttime life, Paly hosts a multitudes of after school activities for both students and adults. One of these is the Palo Alto Adult School’s woodshop class, which has been held at Paly for decades. Instructor Francis Cho said she appreciates the flexibility that the adult school offers. 

“Evening classes are amazing,” Cho said. “It just makes it so much more accessible for everybody. There are daytime classes too, but for people with jobs, evening classes are easier.”