The Vex Robotics Team is one of Paly’s three robotics teams. As they enter their fourth season, Verde Magazine sat down with Team Captain Aruna Anderson, a junior, and subteam 4008A Captain Kamila Wong, a sophomore, to discuss their goals for the season.

Verde: How is your team formatted?

Kamila Wong: We have six members on our team, and we are divided into two sub-teams, 4008A and 4008B, which have their own captains.

V: What makes Vex Robotics competitions different from other competitions?

Aruna Anderson: The teams are smaller, and each season is a different game, and we have learned so much through the experimentation of different mechanisms.

V: What are your goals for the season?

KW: We’ve won the Judge’s Award before, and we would love to win another award at another competition.

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