How many times have you wanted to say something, but held your tongue? Have you ever wanted a chance to verbalize a thought after the moment had passed?

The Unsent Project is a digital archive of “unsent messages to first loves” submitted anonymously by internet users all over the world.

Created by Nevadan artist Rora Blue in 2015 with the intention of displaying what color people see love in, The Unsent Project website holds over 500,000 messages that can be sorted by recipient first names or colors.

“The term ‘first love’ is open to interpretation and messages have been submitted to lovers, best friends, exes, parents, siblings, and even pets,” the website reads. 

Verde recreated the project on the Palo Alto High School campus through an anonymous form with broader guidelines: Submit any message to someone else on campus, indicate the recipient’s first initial and then choose the color you associate with the message.

The form results come together in this artistic collection of unsent messages between students on campus; it can be seen as a reflection of what goes unsaid among the student body.

Sixteen of over 50 responses were displayed in our print issue, unedited and in their original form as submitted, while the rest can be found here.