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New tardy crackdown policy enacted

Otto Kiss Meyerfreund

Palo Alto High School is implementing a new tardy policy this year aiming to reduce overall lateness to class.

According to this year’s Student Handbook, teachers are being encouraged to contact parents after students accumulate three or more unexcused tardies in one class.

The handbook also states, “Students who accumulate tardies across multiple class periods will be assigned to a Study Hall intervention session with an Administrator.”

If students fail to attend the intervention sessions assigned to them, they will be banned from participating in any district-provided extracurricular activities until they attend a session.

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The handbook also highlights the importance of attending class, “The Palo Alto Unified School District recognizes that success in school is in part related to prompt and regular classroom attendance.”

Some students believe this policy will be helpful toward their own learning and that of their peers, while others are angry at the stringency of the new policy. 

Sophomore Surya Gannerkote expressed his opinion on the policy. 

“It seems kind of excessive,” Gannerkote said. 

On the other hand, senior Alice Lifshitz said she believes this policy will be beneficial for students. 

“I feel like it is a good incentive to be more on time, and I noticed that I’m more on time to my classes,” Lifshitz said.