THIS IS NOT A DRILL. These words crackled over Palo Alto High School’s loudspeaker on March 29 at 12:44 p.m. After a moment of shock, our staff scrambled from discussing the proof of this edition to turning off the projector and barricading the doors. We were on lockdown. In the minutes following the announcement, before we knew the event was caused by a hoax, Verde staff recorded our thoughts. Here’s what we had to say. v

DISCUSSING Editors-in-Chief Emma Cockerell, Julie Cornfield and Saurin Holdheim discuss the proof with Folger Graphics representative Carlos Armenta, who was trapped with the staff during the lockdown. Photo by Maraleis Sinton.

‘I know that massacres can happen
anywhere now. It could be Paly, it
could be here, it could be me. And
you could tell everyone else in the
class felt the same way.”
— WARREN WAGNER, statistician

‘All I remember is lying on the
ground, trembling as I gripped the
hand of my best friend and prayed to
anyone and anything out there.’
— ASHLEY HITCHINGS, news editor

SHAKEN Staff writer Nicole Adamson curls
up between the chair barricade. Photo by
Thomas Chapman.

“ I spent two weeks talking to people
who were fervently opposed to guns.
And who march. And who screamed
for change. And yet we are sitting
here on lockdown.”
— ASIA GARDIAS, digital editor

“The only thought that filled my
head was please … let everyone be
okay. Please let this be a false alarm.
— SOPHIE DEWEES, staff writer

“You never think it’s going to happen
to you until it does … I still don’t think it’s registered in my mind that for a moment, our lives were at stake.”
— BRIDGET LI, staff writer

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