Palo Alto Cafe (7/10)


While it’s not mind-blowingly unique, Palo Alto Cafe’s hot chocolate is a comforting drink with hints of chocolate that are just enough to satisfy your cravings.

Mademoiselle Colette (7/10)


Served in a petite cup, this creamy French hot chocolate pairs well with their pastries —the true highlight. Perhaps order something lighter next time.

Café Venetia (10/10)


While this drink was more expensive than the others,  it was worth the extra dollar. Rich and decadent,  this indulgent hot chocolate is a delightful winter treat.

Backyard Brew (9/10)


This hot cocoa is light with a simple and classic chocolate component that balances the foamy top layer. With the cozy atmosphere, this drink brings back the holiday spirit.


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