Food Review: What restaurant sells the best cheese pizza?


Allegra West

Howie’s Artisan Pizza ($8) 

Howie’s Artisan Pizza is remarkable for regular cheese pizza. First, the slices were huge — which is expected for the amount of money you pay. The most notable differences between Howie’s pizza and others would be the cheese; you experience the strength of the cheese flavor in the first bite, and it was not too oily or dry. The quality of the cheese and flavor of the pizza earned it 4.5 stars.

Photo: Allegra West

Photo: Allegra West State of Mind ($5.50)

State of Mind’s cheese pizza comes in two different types — the thicker square one and a regular triangle slice. Overall the pizza was average, but underneath the pizza was burnt and hard to chew. Adding on the price and location, this pizza only earned three stars.

Pizza My Heart ($4.50)

Pizza My Heart is a Palo Alto classic for good reason. Its pizza was not too expensive, and slices were large enough to be filling. The cheese to crust ratio was ideal, and the spots of tomato sauce peeking through added a sweet flavor. This pizza was definitely worth the price and is a reasonable distance from Palo Alto High School. Overall, for its size and flavor, this pizza earned four stars.

Photo: Allegra West