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Review: Bober Tea and Coffee: Trendy franchise arrives in downtown

Divya Gandhi
DELIGHTFUL DECOR — Bober Tea and Coffee employees await customers at the ordering kiosk. “My favorite part of working there [the store] is the environment since it’s pretty relaxed and my coworkers and I are able to have fun together,” employee Olivia Conley said.

A pink fluorescent sign reading “Boba is life” glows from its spot nestled among bright flowers that line the wall. Multiple areas around the store invite customers to take photos, including a giant bench in the shape of a mochi donut, a fluorescent boba cartoon and wallpaper with slogans like “Partea hard.” Customers sip their drinks at chic, white marble tables near the oversized rose planters that line the sidewalk.

This is the picturesque ambiance of Bober Tea and Coffee, which opened its doors July 29 at 121 Lytton Ave., bringing in new customers and returning fans of the popular franchise, which also has locations in Alameda, Sacramento, Stockton and Sunnyvale.

Arriving on an early Sunday morning, I visited this vibrant store to sample some of their most popular drinks. The store had customers order on a kiosk, with options to add extra toppings like Brown Sugar Konjac jelly, Passion Fruit Popping Boba, crushed Oreos, pink honey boba and Chizu, a housemade sweet cheese cream. The system was slightly confusing because most of the photos showed drinks with boba and other toppings, but the toppings weren’t always included.

Thankfully, the staff was very accommodating and friendly. For example, they informed customers who accidentally ordered double the amount of toppings and offered refunds.

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“The current generation is all about Instagram and photos so that [the decor] will definitely attract people to come,” said Palo Alto resident and customer Miriam Volerink as she admired the store.

Volerink has visited the store’s Sunnyvale location as well as this one. She said that her young daughters especially enjoy the festive decor. “They love how the store is decorated with the flowers,” said Volerink.

The drinks were decadent and equally tasty as they were aesthetically pleasing. Here are some drink-by-drink impressions.