Before we walk: seniors reminisce over last four years


Photo: Emily Yao

Merwa Marof and Blair Migdal

One and a half years of normal Paly life. One year of sitting in our rooms. And now finally we are back in-person for the finale. The Class of 2022 has had to adapt to many changes throughout our years at Paly, and somehow we have made it to the end. Through Zoom calls, masks, vaccines, social distancing and now — in a new sense of normal — our class has unified over the bizarre shared experiences we’ve had. We have been able to experience some of the coveted Paly experiences such as the senior deck, camo days, finally winning spirit week, elimination and the last few are still to come. Verde walked around the quad and asked seniors to reflect on their time at Paly, and share what they have learned before they graduate.

What was your favorite memory from your senior year?

“We went on a trip with our friends to LA over a weekend just for fun and we went to some concerts and Disneyland. It was really fun.”

Photo: Natalie Chueh


“Fountain-dipping. We went to Stanford and jumped in the fountain. That was pretty fun.”

— AIDAN LEE, senior

“I really liked spirit week because it’s my favorite part of every year but I think also the best is yet to come. In my mind, it hasn’t happened yet.”


What do you want the class of 2022 to be remembered as?

“Unique. I feel like this class is so diverse. There’s a bunch of different groups who have found who they are, which I’m proud of.”


“The first class to complete a full in-person year after COVID.”

— PALO SILVA, senior

Photo: Ashley Qiu

What advice do you have for future seniors?

“Make good connections with the others around you. The friends that you make here will hopefully be your friends for the rest of your life.”

Photo: Tara Correra

—EUNICE CHO, senior

“Take it slow. College apps are really stressful but don’t worry about it too much.”

— SAM DUONG, senior

“Make the most of your memories with your friends. Go full out, especially for spirit week. Go to the football games, really live out your senior year to the fullest because it goes by really fast.”