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This Land(e) is Your Land(e)

Yesterday I watched a short film titled “Selfie,” in which pairs of mothers and daughters discussed their physical insecurities and then took selfies in order t...
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This Land(e) is Your Land(e)

Welcome to Palo Alto High School, where our students regularly discover and eradicate fatal illnesses, single-handedly dig wells that service several small African countries and create multi-million-dollar non-profit organizations to provide iPhones for malnourished children — for every one you buy, little Tommy gets his own! And who needs clean water when you’ve got Temple Run? Did you know that the United States decided not to take military action in Syria solely because Paly students changed their profile pictures to peace signs in a show of support?

When A Band-Aid Doesn’t Cover It

Emrich Stovel, a 2004 Palo Alto High School alum, has eleven scars, across the sides of his body from surgery that removed the top of his left lung. Two episodes of spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in his senior year at Paly left Stovel in the hospital twice in two weeks after attempts to re-inflate his lung. After leaving Palo Alto to attend college in Oregon, his left lung collapsed again and then several more times in the following months. Finally, Stovel went through surgery to remove a small part of his lung.