What is ASB currently working on?

We’ve got a lot of events planned for second semester! In the month of [February], we have Love Week, Club Day #2, Skoglobe [festival], and an anti-vaping fishbowl discussion, and new and returning events for the rest of the semester, including an all-new carnival!

How has your first year as a member on ASB been?

I’m experiencing planning … all these events for the first time, and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. My favorite things so far are Spirit Week and handing out Cookies on the Quad; it feels really good to … keep a promise to Paly students, as well as listen to some killer music and hand out cookies from the middle of it all.

How do you think Pajama Days have helped students?

I’ve noticed that a PJ Day timed correctly during a high-stress period or a cold, low-energy day works wonders removing stress, anxiety and worry from Paly students’ day. In ASB, we are also looking for alternatives for PJ days when the weather gets warmer, … but we plan to continue PJ days as well.

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