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ASB Answers: With Avantika Singh, current sophomore vice president and incoming junior president


What are you most excited for next year? 

I know that lots of people aren’t into dances and at the moment that’s one of the only forms of class bonding or social events that we go to. Next year, I’m really excited to implement more class bondings and social events that cater to the entire grade, instead of a select few.

Going into your third year as a part of ASB, what has been your favorite event that you organized?

We are currently in the process of organizing World Fest and I know it is a personal goal I had in mind for the last two years, so I am very excited to see that vision come to life.

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Is ASB planning any special events for students before and during finals week?

As the school year comes to a close, ASB has been planning some exciting events. … We started out the month by getting the volleyball net up and spikeball nets out on the quad. Along with that, we [had] two more big events … Quadchella, our last quadcert of the year … [was] during lunch from May 13-16.