With just a few taps of a finger, WeChat users can have a steaming hot meal and fresh groceries delivered straight to their doorstep.

After selecting the desired delivery date and choosing from a wide variety of products ranging from authentic Asian desserts to fresh-out-of-the-ocean seafood, customers are able to place the order and enjoy the meal as soon as the next day.

WeChat, China’s most popular mobile app, is a multipurpose messaging app developed by Tencent that aims to connect its users with their friends and family abroad. Beyond its primary messaging function, WeChat supports independent “mini-programs” that expand their services. “Weee!”, which claims to be “the largest Chinese American online grocery store,” is one of them.   

From commercial farms to local restaurants, Weee! is open to collaborating with any suppliers to bring its over 1,500,000 registered users the freshest and most unique food.

In order to evaluate the practicality and quality of the foods supplied by Weee!, Verde sampled foods from two categories: Asian specialty and fresh produce.

Overall, both categories surpassed our expectations — the fresh produce was worthwhile and the taste of the Asian specialty foods was certainly above average. Coupled with the user-friendly ordering experience and free shipping, Weee! is a great alternative to the hustle of grocery shopping.

Egg custard buns

These perfectly bite-sized egg tarts have the appetizing appearance of the pastries found at traditional Hong Kong bakeries but lack their delicate egg custard and flaky crusts. Instead, the crust is dense and cakey, leaving a sheen of oil on the fingertips. However, the custard, though slightly thick, does have a pleasantly faint egg flavor that does not overpower the palate.

Each “nai huang,” or custard, bun showcases a light, fluffy exterior encasing a soft, golden center of custard. Though the bun and its filling are perfect complements to each other, the custard was on the bland side and would have benefitted from more sugar. However, this dessert is very affordable: for just under three dollars, WeChat users can enjoy more than 30 bite-sized buns.

Lays Tomato Chicken-Flavored Chips

From cucumber to hot pot, Lay’s Chips sold in China are famous for their funky flavors, and these tomato chicken-flavored chips are no exception. Coated with intense tomato seasoning, the chips are able to retain moisture while packing a pungent umami flavor. Without a doubt, these chips are an enriching experience for anyone’s taste buds that cannot be found in American stores.

We selected the highest-rated Muscat grapes from WeChat to battle against Trader Joe’s seedless red grapes. According to Weee!, the Muscat grapes are imported from Chile. Every Muscat grape seems to offer a different flavor: some are extremely sweet while some are sour, but all presented as a special treat with a distinctive “musky” floral perfume. Though our opinions on them vary due to personal preferences, the Muscat grapes were a special treat with distinctive “musky” floral perfume.