Bleachers shake viciously beneath hundreds of jumping feet and the sound of cleverly crafted chants filling the air as class representatives race to finish wrapping their vice presidents in toilet paper. These students’ joyous cheers and elaborate outfits can mean only one thing at Palo Alto High School ––  Spirit Week.

This year, Spirit Week will run from Oct. 11 to Oct. 15 with the homecoming dance held on Oct. 16. The week consists of daily dress-up themes for each grade, competitive spirit rallies during lunch and the homecoming football game and dance over the weekend — the icing on top of an already exciting cake.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Spirit Week was canceled last year. Unfortunately, this means current Paly underclassmen have never experienced the thrill of Spirit Week and current Paly juniors have only had the pleasure of partaking in this event once. If you are searching for inspiration to navigate this lively affair, look no further.   

Spirited schedule

Freshmen Sophomore Juniors Seniors
Monday Construction Workers Red Carpet Yellow Submarine Y2K
Tuesday Sportswear Ranch Thousand Island Ceaser
Wednesday Orange Red Yellow Green and white
Thursday Babies Greasers and Teeny-Boppers Occupation day Elderly
Friday Green and white Green and white Green and white Camouflage

Paly junior Julian Galindo races to grab the handle of a ping pong paddle and yell the name of a pop song to win points for his class during the first day of school pep rally. “We will be doing “guess that song” again,” senior Class President Mathew Signorello-Katz said. “We will be putting more effort into that because I don’t think there has been in the past.” Photo: Emily Yao