School offers rap class to build community


MAKING MUSIC — Anthony Pineda, creator of Creatrix Institute, explains the principles of connecting with others through rap. “I bring a lot of different topics that can be challenging for people, because they have to deal with people’s real lives,” Pineda said. Photo: Uri Ponte

A new hip-hop program geared towards music-driven students is taking place on Tuesdays at Palo Alto High School.

The new initiative is led by Anthony Pineda, the creator of Creatrix Institute, an organization centered around the art of rapping, and uses hip-hop to help kids connect with themselves. 

The voluntary 90-minute class started on Jan. 31, and students must be recommended by teachers and selected by Pineda himself after an interview process to join.

Both Principal Kline and Pineda said they have high hopes for this initiative.

“My goal is to show the students the power of their voice,” Pineda said. “My other goal, really, is to help the students build their community here at Paly.”