May Fete festivities: City gathers to celebrate communities


Photos: Ajin Jeong

As young children, students and other Palo Alto citizens march down University Avenue, the watchers on the sidewalk clap and cheer. Even as the rain begins dotting the ground, they wave happily, following the band at the head of the parade.

Held on May 6, the 99th May Fete Children’s parade attracted many Palo Alto citizens and groups. Annually hosted by the city of Palo Alto, the May Fete parade is one of the most popular events in the city, encouraging organizations to showcase themselves and uniting individuals to create a sense of community.

“The May Fete parade is a really nice and fun way that the Paly [Palo Alto High School] dance team ends the season,” senior dance team captain Theresa Hart said. “It also is fun to be with the band again as a Paly performing community.”