The parking lot of a car dealership may not seem like the most appealing place for a lunch crowd to congregate, but food trucks 3-3-3 and Mobowl give diversity to the usual Palo Alto lunch options. Every Wednesday at 1766 Embarcadero Road, in the Honda dealership parking lot just past 101, food trucks convene from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


The varied menu at Mobowl offers every type of food from garlic noodles to their signature dish, pulled pork. The tanginess of the meat exceeds the expectations of standard American barbeque flavor. The pork is spicy and slow-cooked to perfection, and the white rice that accompanies it accents the meal perfectly. Drowning in dressing, the fiery salad that comes with the meal was a little soggy and unsatisfying. Mobowl also offers grilled umami tofu and garlic herb peanut pesto chicken.


3-3-3’s surprising Mexican-Indian-Korean fusion piques interest with an unusual combination of flavors from across the globe. The triple taco trio comprises of one chicken taco, one carne asada taco and one chile verde taco ($7.25).

Carne asada, chicken, or chile verde burritos are also available, for $9 each. Each individual taco is small, but the three of them make for a filling meal. The warm tortillas are cooked so the edges are crisp and soft in the middle. The meat inside the tacos is juicy and salted just the right amount. The pleasant combination leaves you wanting more even after the last bite.

Dabbling in the Indian third of the menu, the lamb curry burrito was divine and loaded with rice, vegetables, spices, succulent lamb and a sweet green sauce that accompanies created a great balance within the burrito. Unless you have a hearty appetite, the lamb curry burrito is difficult to finish on your own, but certainly worth a try.

The Korean options include short rib, spicy BBQ chicken and mushroom tofu, also available in a burrito or a taco combination.